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Tyler, TX

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"Temporarily Off Air....Check Back Later"

Oh boy, here we go. I live in Tyler and had Cox Cable with all the channels plus the premiums and paid a pretty good price for it but never considered changing to sat because the service was good and I never experienced any downtime. Now along comes Cebridge or Suddenlink. Yesterday I was channel surfing and hit several channels that were off the air with the message "temporarily off air...check back later". I checked back several times last night and they were still off the air. I had the TIVO set to record on one of the channels overnight and TIVO dutifully recorded the off air message for 30 minutes. I checked again this morning and the channels remain off the air plus the picture on all the channels I can access, digital and analog, are terrible. The Suddenlink recorded message, once you get to it, says they are experiencing some temperary technical problems. Thank goodness the cable internet is still up and running. I hope this is not an example of things to come with this company.

UPDATE: Finally got thru to a real person (even though he was rude and curt)who "refreshed" the cable box. Things worked for about an hour and again I got the "off air" message. Called customer service again and again the box was "refreshed" but this time it only lasted a minute or so before going back to the "off air" message. She said they would send someone out to check it but it will be three days before they can come. Great, just great.


Norman, OK
Had the same problem, gave up and stuck with local cable....

Good luck


thats usually a signal issue. Your signal is probably too low which is causing the prob


Forney, TX
People just need to Chill
They are switching headends to all work simular
so change shoud be expected. Moving channels is not as
easy as you might think
I have suddenlink cebridge classicnet friendship
what ever you want to call it
it continues to update every year
which is more than i can say for satelite

Oklahoma City, OK
reply to etexlady
My cable TV has been with Suddenlink for awhile now.. no Cox commercials, Suddenlink logos in the Guide and all that. Change over wasn't that bad.. think I had to refresh my box once or twice. The one thing I did have to do was remove all my Series recording settings on the DVR and re-add them before it actually recognized shows it was supposed to record.

Internet is still with Cox though.. on Cox's backbone, email address and so on.

Volume level different between analog and digital channels is still there (using optical connector between DVR and A/V Receiver).. but that "broke" back when it was Cox.. I've just been too lazy to go nuts with em about it. The video quality is the same as before.. it's fine.