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Does Charter offer a Wireless Router?

I've been reading how a lot of ISP's are offering Wireless Routers/AP now. I've had the same modem for 3 years now so am wondering if I should call them up and see if they got any new ones.


Most areas offer home networking which includes an install, necessary equipment (wireless adapters and combo modem router), and tech support.

I wouldn't classify it as inexpensive but it is a great solution for someone who doesn't want to do it themselves.

Central Point, OR
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In the system I work we use a Netgear Wireless gateway for home networking installations. It's a decent modem, pretty reliable and not hard to install annd configure.

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charter does not have wireless modem/router combos in the fashion it sounds like you want it for. you would have to subscribe to the home networking service (as the prior 2 posters have eluded to). You cant just rent the wireless modem. The router lease is about $5 a month, it costs $99 to install it i think.

in most areas that have HN, i think you can buy the 'wireless gateway' (router) for $150 instead of leasing it. sometimes you can do the install yourself but usually not.

my opinion? go to your local computer store and buy a wireless router. it would be less expensive ($40-$80 for the router and $40-$80 for the wireless adaptor) and they are not that difficult to setup. Just dont step ahead of yourself in the configuration - read the manual and you will be fine.
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With wireless routers so cheap these days. I would think you can get one yourself and save a load of cash not paying charter each month for the equiment. Mine set me back a whole 20 bucks. and that was a G router