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AMD64 Overclocking Guide

This link was posted by WFO See Profile and some of you might have missed it. It is a good read and will help you in OC'ing

AMD64 overclocking guide

Here's To You

On Da' Edge
DSLR Overclocking Mod's Overclocking Guide
Piss Poor Planning On Your Part, Doesn't Constitute an Emergency On Mine.

San Ramon, CA is that related btyp? There is a wealth of information in DSLR's FAQ. No doubt about it. And there's so much info it's absolutely overwhelming for any beginner. Why have them search hell's half acre when all the basics are condensed into a simple guide that can have the newest newb in search of OC bliss starting the overclocking process in a couple hours. After some initial success, they are far more likely to delve into the Encyclopedias like FAQ. The DSLR FAQ made me duck and run for cover a year ago!
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I agree with the information overload. I'd also point out that to many people wish to speak in geek speak when trying to help anyone. Most aren't very patient either. That said I think there should be a world law. That anyone who uses the insulting word noob in any way shape or form should now get shot on site. Many of you act like you crawled out the womb knowing this stuff. Makes me laugh the amount of arrogance I see. But rarely any real help. Which just frustrates me and makes me angry. Can't learn from those unwilling to lower themselves to teach in an understandable manner.
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