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New York, NY

[CATV] motorola dct6412 interference by cell phone

Has anyone else had issues with GSM phones playing havok with your DVR? everytime I use my cell phone at home, I get serious interference with my dvr .. pixelation, blocks of color, etc. When I hang up .. everything is fine again. It's not the TV .. it's definitely recorded in the DVR. I called RCN and they said that there isn't anything that they can do about it.


Is it channel specific?

If so, it's probably because your GSM phone is using the same frequency of the channel you are watching.

Most of the SD (and some of the HD) channels are lumped on the same QAM frequency so it's possibly a bunch of channels act this way but some others do not.




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reply to pedroquien
I've had this problem for 2+ years now. I've been working with RCN for most of that time to fix it. They've accused everything from my TV to the wiring in my house. I've used several different TV's they ran a line directly from the pole to my cable box and every time I was able to recreate the problem. They finally gave up and just credited me money on my bill because they can't fix it. Motorolla claims it's not a problem. I highly recommend calliing them and reporting this because according to RCN no one else has had this problem.