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Mount Vernon, WA

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Feet Drag?

They aren't pulling resources here, however, what they ARE doing is not bringing any more resources in. Our entire tri-city area (burlington, mount vernon, and sedro-wooley) washington is maxed/tapped out. They are turning away subscribers, and even asking some people to cancel their service. When asked, they say they plan on bringing in some more infastructure, but not for another year or more, and even then nothing akin to FIOS.

So my question would be this. Why would they bring in more infastructure to support the deprecated copper interface? Why not add on to what in this area is already a fiber based infastructure and imlpement FIOS? Obviously they have an extremely high subscriber rate here, and FIOS would do well.

I can only surmise that they are dragging their feet in the rest of this state because the money they have dumped into the metro and sub-metro area FIOS in and around Seattle isn't doing as well subscriber-wise as they had hoped.


Banks, OR

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WV not the only one at the bottom of VZ priorities

'same thing here, if you happen to live in an area where they have no competition. All you'll get is basic phone service, which they are legally obligated to provide to you.

Now, go a couple of miles down the road, where they face competition from Comcast, and it's a whole different ballgame.

This is in stark contrast to Qwest, which actually seems to be making an effort around here to providing something broadband to most of its territory. The city folks ding Qwest because they aren't investing in the latest 'n greatest high-speed in the urban core, put they do seem to be making an effort ot make basic broadband widely available.


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Re: Feet Drag?

i live not to far from where thay are releaseing fios in washington state and thay are moving realy slow so i bet it wont be tell 2010 tell thay even talk about that part of the state you would think thay would update old gear 1st but there goin where the money is 1st Bothell Millcreek East Silver Lake all Seattle Hill road ... all thease places are High Income places over 500+$ homes in most cases the homes there allready at are worth over a million easy so ya LOL so thay are picking the money areas blah LOL