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[Connectivity] Do Support and Abuse dept talk to each other?

Woke up this morning with no network connectivity. All the modem lights were ok, rebooted and power-cycled the modem and router with no luck. Let me say, that 2 months ago, I was suspended for bandwidth usage. Once I was alerted to the problem, I installed DLMeter and have limited my usage. Here's that link if any are bored:

»Acct suspended - Abuse Dept?

I called 1-800-COMCAST and was in an endless loop. After the message "please wait for the next available agent...", I'd hear 2 beeps, then I'd be back at the "Welcome to Comcast.." greeting and would have to start again.

This continued for about 30 min, so I got on my work laptop and connected thru dialup to see if there was some outage. The outage page had nothing...literally. All the page would display was "nada" in the upper left, first line and that was it. Decided to fire up a chat to see if there was an outage. Got a rep who said she didn't see any outage in Northern NJ, then asked for my acct number. She looked me up and then said that I would have to call unpublished phone number removed. That my account was terminated on 8/10 for 12 months. I told her that yes, I was suspended, but that was a warning and per their recommendation I've installed bandwidth monitoring tools and have limited usage. She said that my account had the note that for any problems, I would have to call that number. She could help me no further.

I was frustrated so I decided to get some breakfast and clear my head. Came back and called 1-800-COMCAST and now finally, there was a recording that there was an outage in my area. About 20 min later, I was back up.

It's been just about 2 months to the day since I was re-instated, and I've monitored usage and in those 2 months combined, I haven't even approached half of what they stated I used in the month I was suspended.

So, my questions are:

1) Why doesn't it show on my account that I was re-instated?

2) Does this mean that from now on I'm branded with a scarlett letter and the regular 1-800-COMCAST support will not help me with anything and just transfer me to abuse?


From what I've seen and heard, the Comcast abuse department lives in their own little world.

They don't talk to the customer service department, they dont't answer phone calls (they only return your call when they get around to it) and they don't have to explain anything to the customers.

And yes, you are now marked with a scarlet A - for Abuser. You haved stepped over the hidden magic line too many times.

This line is calculated by determining whether or no you are a profitable customer. You are no longer profitable and you were already warned once.

Yes, you were sold bandwidth by the house, not by the number of users and yes, you were sold "unlimited" bandwidth. But those were sales tactics designed to give you and your local franchising authority the false impression that you and everyone in your house could use your Comcast internet as much as you wanted. Thereby convincing the franchising autority that there is no need to allow competition in your neighborhood

You are probably going to have to find an alternate method of accessing the internet for the next 12 months. I realize that's pretty harsh for breaking an unstated limit, but in every case of "bandwidth abuse" that has been posted on this site the customer has no other broadband provider available so Comcast can do whatever they like to you and you have no recourse.

Best of luck, anf I hope FIOS comes to your town soon.