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South Of Insanity
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Pink Beanbag

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Insight Line Monitors - Open Sign-Up

Something New for the Insight forum!

As some of you may have noticed, our forum sidelinks (to the left) now have a new link to the
Insight Line Monitors

Justin has stated that all those who are part of a "group" will have line monitoring services without toolpoint deduction at this time.

The FAQ for starting a monitor is here, if you don't have one already going:

»Line Monitoring FAQ

This is where you need to go to get setup & sign on:

* Sign-Up *

Since Insight users do not have Static IP addresses, make sure when you are setting up your monitor to add your IP address where it asks for your Static IP and check the box that says 'Dynamic', this will ensure that the monitor will catch and monitor your new IP address if it changes.

Make sure when you're done to click "Create Monitor"..make sure you are "pingable".
If you require additional instruction, we can help

For those not already a part of this in the areas the Insight forum covers who are interested:

Please send an IM to lilhurricane See Profile to receive an invitation.
You must click IM to "Accept" when you get it for it to display here:

Insight Line Monitors

Also, you can add this to your profile page.

Go to your profile page and add it to the profile +


Use the drop down to add an entry to "My Home Connection"

That way your connection speed, modem, and router info show.

This isn't automatic guys

You will receive or can ask for an invite, just send an IM if you'd like to participate.

You must choose

[Accept] or [Decline] when you receive your invitation--

--and set up your monitor..without setting it up, it won't work


If you have any questions or problems, feel free to IM

(Note: Thanks to lilhurricane See Profile for her help in setting up the line monitor!)