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ha ha, charade you are
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Re: Proxy moving...

Hopefully no one noticed, but everything is moved, and has been running fine all day. The old proxy is chained to the new proxy, making it pretty transparent.

If you haven't done so already, please change your settings. »www.bbrrc5.org/proxy/faq.jsp . If you changed before last night, you'll need to restart the client to pick up the DNS change.

In a couple of days I'll write a cron job that looks at logs on the old proxy and sends reminder emails to those still using it. If you don't want the email, change the settings.

In the process of moving stuff, I also implemented query logging, so it's easy to see where the bottle necks are. As a result, some things have been tweaked, so everything but OS/CPU summaries should load in milliseconds.
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Whoa, nice! Thanks, that's great. No more wincing when clicking on the proxy link.