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Garner, IA

[IA] Motorola Signal Booster?

Has anyone used this product, and if so, did u have any success? I am real close to getting KXLT-DT from my roof antenna (in Garner) and was just wondering if this would help pull it in. When I turn it to the station, I can see the picture but there is way too many artifacts in it to be able to watch. Hoping this may be a solution.

Finger, Finger
Premium,MVM,Ex-Mod 2004-13
Schofield, WI
Basically, the best way to say it is - Garbage in, garbage out. Unless you have some very poor coax between the antenna and your TV a signal amp will just amplify the bad signal.

IF you can't pull a certain stain in you either need to reposition your antenna or getter a higher gain antenna. It is possible enough that the signal is borderline enough that a amp may help, but it would need to be close to the antenna feed point to get the best effect.


Garner, IA
reply to korndawg
I have a couple unknown variables. For one, I don't know if the cable i have is RG6 or RG59, and I also don't know what kind of antenna I have. Both were already installed when I bought the house. The length of the cable is atleast 35 ft so I don't know how much that is hurting it. The position I have the antenna at now is bout the best I can get it while keeping KTTC-DT and KAAL-DT signals happy.

By the way, my antenna looks a lil like this: »www.pctinternational.com/channel···age.html.
The 3018 model and it is pointed to the northeast. I know thats not my exact antenna so it will be hard to buy a new one without knowing whether or not it'd be a better one.

How old is your house?


Excelsior, MN
reply to korndawg
I don't know if this will help but if your looking for OTA HD try this website: »www.antennaweb.org
If nothing else you can at least see how far away the stations are from your location.

I don't have HD at the moment but when I do it looks like a helpful site.


Spring Valley, MN
reply to korndawg
This avsforum post is more geared towards people in Rochester, but it does have tons of info about the towers around here.

So right now you don't have any sort of preamp or amp on your line? An amp won't do much, but a preamp installed up near the antenna can help quite a bit. I installed a preamp on my antenna, and now I can reliably pull in WEAU-DT at around 100 miles. But I've got about 100 feet of cable between the antenna and my TV, so that preamp helped quite a bit.

For lots of technical info, you can search here:

You'll see 2 things for KXLT-DT that are hurting you. It looks like they aren't quite a full power yet (55 vs ~200), and the directional transmitter is biased to the west and north.


Garner, IA
reply to korndawg
I've searched antennaweb and according to them, I should even be getting KXLT-DT, but I know others in Garner is. As far as distance, I think its 65 miles. Right now, I have no preamp or amp and was hoping this motorola signal booster is what I may need.


Garner, IA
Ok, according to antennaweb, this is what I should be receiving for digital stations:
KTIN-DT: 242° 45.2mi
KAAL-DT: 30° 42.9mi

But after adjusting my antenna I'm able to get these (with signal strength)

KXLT-DT - 51%
KAAL-DT - 79%
KTTC-DT - 82%
KTTC2-DT - 82%

Now on Sunday, KXLT-DT came in but was way too pixalated to watch due to a poor signal but tonite, it was fine. Any idea why this may have changed? Should a preamp help my cause into making the signal stronger or more stable?