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Runs from Clowns

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Re: Comcast usage "Abuse"?

My dream (I dream big) is to see a topic about bandwidth abuse in the Comcast HSI Forum which does not need constant moderation because some participants don't understand that namecalling (direct or indirect) is against site and forum rules and actually weakens their argument. My dream is that those who don't have points strong enough to make some impact on the viewer's thought process would simply refrain from posting, learn from those who don't need such tactics ... from those who have logic and reason to offer.

I dream of this topic being filled with those who understand they don't have to repeat their points over and over and force the entire world to believe. Good thought and reasoning offered will be appreciated by the mind who chooses to learn from it. No amount of pounding will convince the mind which is already made up. Nobody has to win and there actually may be more than one truth amid some of the issues we discuss. If only we could learn to offer what we know and then let it be.

For those who don't know to what logical fallacy refers, start here: »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_fallacy

You might find your arguments better received with a bit of study in this area.

Note: This is not aimed at anyone in particular. Just my thoughts on how such topics could be more interesting and helpful to all.

This one is locked, too much mod editing involved after I made it clear we needed to stick to the technical issues.