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Theres more behind the pic than the wall

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Re: Spotlight On! [Tag your it]

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7.6mm 1/30th F3.5 ISO140

Great topic waynegilbert See Profile!

Well well, where to start. My wife and me have been married 29 years! Whoa! We have two children which actually aren't children anymore, daughter 26 and son 18, we now have a grandson who will turn 4 this year.

I've worked at about everything known to man at one time or another, started as a kid of 15 as a factory worker, over the years moved on to banking which I was in for several years and worked everything there except being a teller, my main job over the longest time I was in banking was data security, I then decided to go back to college when I was 29. I've since earned several degrees in various things, electronics, computer programming etc... I've owned my own computer business for nearly 10 years and on occasion do some VP networking security work for Sam.

It's very likely I may have met some of you at one time or another as I was into the music business very deeply during all this time and we played all over the eastern US as a band known as Oasis, so if anyone remembers that band in the 70's - 80's or seen us you seen a different and younger side of me back then.

This link is to the "getting to know you" thread, it actually is the latest picture taken of me shot in Nov. Usually don't have the beard, just something this winter for a change and no, I didn't lose a bet. lol And the pic attached to this post is what I really look like now, (minus the beard) I think it was shot in Oct. or Nov. of 06. And that is the short version.

Tag iSpark See Profile! Taker away bro!

EDIT: Typo: Actually the attached pic was 05.

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psst..Tag, you're it!
I'm it?
You sure?

..what to put in the blanks...lol

A great idea BTW!

Well here goes,

I am 41, hopefully, I will mark another notch this August. I graduated from a small Christian school way back in '83. After school I went to work with my dad and have been there ever since, we make dental prosthesis, Dentures, Crowns, Partials...etc;

I have been married for 20 years to a wonderful woman, who is my best friend!, we have 2 boys, 14 and 11, nothing in the world would I trade for that. Simply amazing.

Some of my hobbies have ranged from, driving a race car on a dirt track at a NASCAR sanctioned track, to building homes out of steel. My wife and I, 3 years ago, built our home ourselves with the help of a few friends and family members, it took a year, but we did it!

I like to mess with computers and I seem to be the family and friends "PC Tech dude", Like I really know anything...lol

Between family and work, I try to find time to do stuff I can't mention in this thread.

And here I am.

Canon EOS 5D
100mm 1/125th F8 ISO100

and I now tag: HogRider See Profile
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