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This is a sub-selection from Sounds Good to Me


reply to karlmarx

Re: Sounds Good to Me

said by karlmarx:

Socialism? Um, no, federalism. The point is, you aren't a real conservative, you are a capitalist pig. To you, the only good law, is a law that benefits the corporation. To the rest of us, we prefer the government to act in the best interest of the people. You know, living, breathing things that make us human.
Sounds like more whining from the communist pinkos on the left that want America to live in a Big Brother state! When I saw that Hilary 1984 the zombies sitting in the crowd remind me exactly of communist liberals; mindless and stupid.

Like I have said before, anybody who thinks like a communist liberal is a complete mentally retarded moron that is incapable of rational thought. When I see a liberal, I see someone in the special ed class that does nothing but drool, cry, shit and piss themselves. Communist Liberalism is basically an admission of inferiority, a class of sub-human retards that is as annoying as that crap that grows in your eye lashes when you wake up in the morning. That is also why the communist left supports Islamic terrorism. When communists see Muslims they see the same characteristics as themselves; Evil, oppressive, mindless little monsters! The only good communist is a dead one!

krayzie bone

Marietta, GA
Can you please go away? you have absolutely nothing to add of value or anything factual for that matter.

haha i laugh at your big brother comment. If anyone wants to have a big brother state, it's your lovely, patriotic hero George W. Bush. It's the media (TV, radio, ink) that wants to control us and the way we think. Looks like they already have a foothold on your soul...