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Laptops in School

You want to know the truth? Textbooks are where it is at... Laptops for each student in High School is a waste of money IMHO... I really can't see any use for them over textbooks and paper/pen. If you need a computer, computer labs make much more sense... Now as for college, that is totally different and laptops/computers make much more sense at that level. This is mainly because people at college WANT to be there, they aren't FORCED to be there... That makes a major difference in terms of respect. Also, the problem with giving laptops to High Schoolers is that for 9 years they only used textbooks and computer labs, trying to get a High Schooler to use a laptop for work is like asking someone to drive a Ferrari and not speed. Implement this in the first grade and let them grow up with it, don't force it on them at one point in time.

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However, I do find it easier to research things on a computer than out of a book, never underestimate the power of Command + F (Control F for Windows users).
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reply to Tzale
I think laptop based programs should only be in private schools, or selective enrollment public school (no need to waste money on future drug dealers, and students who will pawn them for drugs).

I wish I had a laptop base curriculum in HS. Control-F is great, also word processing is great (being able to add and remove text anywhere you want, not worrying about totally turning paper into chicken scratch), also Tablet PCs I think would be better in a classroom, they truly replace paper, Ive even done handwritten math HW on them, and printed it out. Its the next generation paper.

Also in my University, every semester Im running into more and more professors who are putting "technology policy"s into their syllabuses, most including lines "if its open, a absence will be recorded for the day", more and more of them are banning laptops, its sad, but for one of the Profs, my friend had her last semester, and he claims he never looked up once from his laptop :D

I have a feeling that laptop learning anywhere except at home, will die very soon, simply because of massive irresponsibility and social networking, and anime watching. Its a sad day for nerds. But ultimatly what I think is, if your students are refusing to follow, let them fail, their paying money (Uni enviroment), sure parents may bitch, but ultimatly, if a person has no drive, why fool them?

This approach wont really work in public HSes due to the amount of garbage they have to deal with, but in selective enrollment HSes its fine I guess.