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reply to MDReferee

Re: DAY 5

said by MDReferee:

Could we be seein' Antares Role PM please sir?
Sorry, I do not have an accurate role PM for Antares008. yock changed it, but sent me the old version in error (which almost ended up getting someone modkilled in error). Maybe Antares008 would post it for us?
If it is not recorded, it simply does not exist.

Miles To Go
Far Rockaway, NY
·Verizon FiOS
·Time Warner Cable

Said by Ghost Of Antares008: My Role PM.

1w0d : 2007-06-02 13:38:54 : From yock delete-this | mark-unread | keep-this
Ghost of John Flint - Independent, Pirate Speak
You be the evil spirit of the pirate John Flint! Fetch aft the run, Darby, you take human form by day to vote with the town and at night you murder one. You be the winner when all others hang from the yardarm! Don't forget that you be a pirate, and ye must speak like one! Even the dead have spirits to fear, and they don't like a fraud.

Message me your choice for possession on DSLR or via e-mail at xxxxxxx@gmail.com

And I can't tell if you're laughing. Between each smile there's a tear in your eye. There's a train leaving town in an hour. It's not waiting for you, and neither am I.
"Paper Wings" -Rise Against