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TV Worker


The other side of ad-skipping

As someone who works for program producers that supply network/cable channels, commercial skipping is killing our business. If you wonder why there are so many more reality shows vs dramatic shows, skipping is your answer. Product placement does not come close to offsetting the revenue lost for ad skipping. I'm already preparing to leave the business as well as many others because large scale dramas are for the most part money losers. Diminishing ratings used to be offset by DVD season sales, but they're tanking as well due to illegal downloads (which will disappear, too, when programmers give up). See any new programs on Friday and Saturday nights? They've already been abandoned with the exception of reruns and reality. Don't bother to buy or lease a DVR, YouTube is your viewing future.


Minneapolis, MN


reply to TV Worker
So people got tired of sitting through 16+ minutes of commercials for every hour of TV programming, and the networks are surprised at this? Most of the ads seem to be for either cars or medication, and I don't need to be sold either one of those.

TV Worker

Hey BIGHUSKER and eljay001, after re-reading my post, it may sound as if I'm bitter, in fact, I'm not. This is the natural course of events and has happened to many industries. Without commercial-skipping disabled, the DVR and network/cable model is not likely to last long. In its place will be things like YouTube and Apple TV (direct download). My guess is that iTunes will eventually offer free TV shows with embedded commercials that can't be skipped, giving you the choice to pay for the show without commercials or watch the show for free with. Network and cable shows probably can't exist in its current form if large amounts of people skip commercials. Rating systems are being changed to measure viewing of the commercials, in addition the show itself. Ad spending is jumping to the internet in a big way. And as the audiences go from mass-size to niche size, the amount of big scale shows and money put into them are sure to decrease, lessing the need for a DVR in the first place.

My Opinion

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Just cause I can't forward the commercials still doesn't mean I'm going to watch it. Most of the commercials treat you like you're a two year old or just plain stupid and I am definitely not interested in sexual enhancements and drugs. Shoving these stupid commercials in my face encourages me to boycott the product rather than buy it. I have learned quite well how to become immune and ignore them.

I find better things to do than watch old reruns and reality shows on TV but when I do watch TV occasionally, I keep a puzzle book and the remote handy so I can mute the TV and then I use my brain for a few minutes instead of being treated like an idiot.

The moral is you can lead a person to the TV but you can never make then watch the commercials.

My views are my own.

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reply to TV Worker
Sorry to hear it bud.. but the fact is that you can't force feed someone something they don't want.

Here's a few things:

1) People work hard to avoid ads - it's their right! Telemarketers want the right to annoy people at dinner and feel it's their right to dial up MY phone line that *I* pay for. Broadcasters want to force feed me ads on Cable TV to which I PAY for. What part of that don't they get?

2) If you want the answer as to what's killing your business, stop looking to commercials. That's horse hooey. The self made rating system is a man made self soothing failure. Meaning, their way of measuring the viewer ship of ads is what they want it to be and has little statistical data to really chew on. The system can't measure, or get, that most people get up and simply do other things during a commercial.. No one really pays attention to commercials - period. Advertisers aren't advertising for many other reasons.

What also is killing your business are the very people they employ. To be honest, the people are getting tired of [insert any actor/actress name here] showing up in sex scandals, drinking and driving b.s., in and out of re-hab, and shall I even bother to pick on the Tom Cruises of the world?

They need to cut those idiots from the air or cut their salaries. There is PLENTY of money out there to shore up their industry. Cut them all.. across the board. If they don't want to work for 25% of their normal pay, then these reality shows do JUST fine! These snobs who act on TV will surely take what they can to "act" on TV and still do fine. Enough! The industry is self bloated and has way too much room to trim itself to stay alive.

3) The DVD sales loss to download is a pile of crap spoon fed by the industry. Download sites or viewing sites like YouTube have actually helped sales. People see it and then they want it. I'm only one person testifying to this, but I've looked up things on YouTube and went straight to Best Buy and purchased the series or DVD movie.

I wrote a thread in another topic about business models and why industries are failing. The ones that are failing are being bought out by younger start-up companies. Why? Because the old fogies and old ways of running a business (which is text book one track minded) isn't cutting it with today's more sophisticated consumer.

Younger execs try hard to change things in companies they work for only to be shut down by the old time suits. Eventually, the younger execs leave, start their start up and many times end up buying the "old news" businesses out.

Hollywood and programmers will ultimately wake up and realize that people are turning away from them because of how they treat people. Greed is what is killing them, not YouTube, the DVR or other "excuses".. If they don't knock their crap off, Hollywood will drastically cut back with out choice.

Reality TV is perfectly entertaining to people because people like to relate to their own kind. The Government which is WE THE PEOPLE is no longer a part of us.. it's us vs. them. Once someone becomes part of Hollywood, they are no longer regular folk, they become THEM.. Regular people are tired of being treated like lower class by the few elites in this country who enjoy being someone over others. The rest of us are tired of it.

Hollywood can continue to rot, or evolve and get with modern times.

By the way.. new programs on Friday and Saturday...? That's part of the break down of the family. The break down of Friday and Saturday happened WELL over a decade ago. The last I can remember of any decent weekend programming was Fantasy Island, Dukes of Hazard, and Love Boat. After those shows, the weekends took a dump.. this happened years ago. Families don't sit down and have TV time any more.

I'm sorry but I can't buy a single piece of your post. Not bashing YOU.. just can't agree with a single thing you said.
"Complaining is the least path of resistance for the self-serving, the lazy, and I’m told it’s a woman’s prerogative..."


Woodlake, CA
said by fiberguy:

I'm only one person testifying to this, but I've looked up things on YouTube and went straight to Best Buy and purchased the series or DVD movie.
Very good post, well said.

i to look up things on youtube or many other sites then go buy them.

how about the DVR have a button to press JUST for Commercials, and with a keyword serch, That way if we want to shop we can, and not get interrupted by the annyoing Commercials right in the middle of a movie.

i say take all Commercials off Every channle.

put them in one place.