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South Padre Island, TX
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Re: [WHS] Try Windows Home Server for 120 days

From the FWIW department...

I installed copSSH (a Windows installer for OpenSSH/OpenSSL/cygwin) yesterday on my WHS. After initial testing using a password only I reconfigured copSSH and the Tunnelier SSH client for a private/public key pair and the use of a random high number listening port. All went well. I can access my WHS from a remote site using SSH and access the WHS via a Remote Desktop connection through the SSH tunnel just fine. This gives me an emergency secure back channel into my WHS in case I need to perform maintenance, reboot, etc. Tunnelier is nice because you can auto launch a Remote Desktop session to your WHS when the SSH tunnel is established. In my case I am also using a DynDNS fully qualified domain name versus the homeserver.com domain name as a backup just in case the homeserver.com domain name becomes unavailable for some reason. The DynDNS login and update are handled by my router which has built-in support for that function.





How to secure the copSSH server...


Create a 4096-bit private/public key pair using the Tunnelier Keypair Manager. Also how to configure Tunnelier to use your copSSH server host key using the Tunnelier Host key manager.

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