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Reduced download speed for bittorrent when using SMCWBR14-N2

Initially i'm using direct modem connection using cable, i'm able to download using bitcomet for a download speed of 40kB/s. However, after i added SMCWBR14-N2 for wireless connection(with USB wireless adapter), the download speed for bitcomet has reduced to 0-1kB/s. Can anyone enlighten me on this? How can i increase back the download speed while using wireless connection? Thank you.

Idiot In The East
Raleigh, NC

Usually when you put a router, it may reduce the speed by negligible amount for normal traffic, and you may notice it. However for special application, which may require you to open ports (like Bittorrent) to get a better performance (some times even to make it work). This can be done at the Special Applications screen of the Router's web management console.

Do not on web based speed meter, do you feel that you are experiencing the slow down for normal web browsing?


reply to tuckfai

pls do virtual apps settings.. aka port forwarding.

u used to have direct cable connection and of cos speed will be fast.. once u introduce any routers in between ur PC and modem, your traffic are subjected to NAT hence will slow a little bit. BUT again u have got one of the best routers in the market. 11n + unique stream engine, stream engine ensures your network will NEVER get choked, in event your BT is eating up alot of bandwidth.... trust me, u have a good router.


reply to tuckfai

sometimes the firewall in the router can be the problem. Try to disable it for a while to see if it gets better.