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This is a sub-selection from haha


Jamaica, NY
reply to Cobra9777

Re: haha

Total number of landline houses isn't listed there, or in the 10-K. Got a statistic here » ··· ars.aspx
. "approximately 33 million households in the company's 28-state wireline service area" » ··· ear.html "
Verizon's broadband fiber-to-the-premises network, which delivers FiOS Internet and FiOS TV services to customers, passed more than 9.3 million premises by year-end."

Some quick math (1/(33 / 9.3) = 0.281818182), and as of Q4 2007, %28 of Verizon landline can get FIOS. I guess 1 out of 4 means this isn't a "test" deployment anymore. I won't happy until it reaches the upper low 40s, since thats close to approaching 1/2 of everyone who will get it, can get it.

The other question is, as Verizon reaches the 60s-90s, what happens in/to rural areas/very low density? Will Verizon sell off landline copper to a Fairpoint clone/SlumTel that provides minimum amount of services and maintence needed to not get sued by Govt, and switch to being wireless and FTT Customer only? And if by the point where they sell their copper plant off, you don't have FIOS yet, it means you won't ever get it since Verizon "finished" converting to Fiber?


Forest, OH
For the areas that you describe that Verizon servers, they're pretty close to being a SlumTel.