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Miami, FL

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If this what needs to happen then so be it. Sprint was trying to do to much and in the end with poor management of just about everything so it would be best if Clearwire, who is focused and dedicated to WiMAX actually run and manage the show.

This now leaves Nextel and Sprint's CDMA division. Nextel will be better for the technology and it's customers to be merged with Southern link who I believes has a network entirely on iDEN technology.

Sprint's CDMA division could be left as a giant MVNO for wireless carriers like Helio, and roaming for Alltel and MetroPCS networks.

Sprint is just about done if they continue what they are doing.



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You have no idea what you're talking about


Cleveland, OH

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reply to HEDP
Cricket owned by Leap Wireless is CDMA who also uses Sprint for roaming agreements and actually uses Sprint's network in some areas. You need to read up on Cricket/Leap Wireless and see what they use. Revol USA also is a CDMA provider who has built out their own regional network like Cricket but is a completely private company based in Ohio; who was once called Northcost PCS

Southern Link is the only other provider in the US that uses iDEN for their network; but their a regional company. I also doubt they don't want to pay for all the spectrum issues that Nextel has right now with first responders.


Miami, FL

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I didn't know if it was Cricket or some other company that had iDEN only network available so thanks for that correction. I can't really check because I am currently and it sucks to load just about any website.