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FedUP withUSPS


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Re: How many times is the USPS obliged to re-deliver a package?

said by pp03:

Cursed with a lazy carrier? How much simpler do they need to make it for you...you trace your packages from the time they leave and have an estimated delivery time.
Unfortunately, estimating a delivery time won't do me much good if the carrier claims he doesn't have to deliver the package after that first notice. Sadly, I cannot spend half the day, every day, at the house waiting for the mail carrier to show up on the off chance that he might have a package for me.

If my carrier were indeed "making life simple" for me, there wouldn't be a problem. But his claiming he's only obliged to attempt to deliver a package one time is a lot less about making life easy for me and a lot more about making life easy for him.

said by pp03:

If it is the USPS, they work like clockwork. My mailman hits my box every day at 11AM...what is so hard for you for it to happen a lot? Is it that hard to drive a couple miles to the office and pick it up?
It so happens it's more than "a couple of miles" to the post office.

But how far away the post office is is beside the point. Either the USPS is in the package delivery business or....they are not.

If I have to drive to where they are to receive packages, rather than them delivering packages as they are supposed to do, then it's clear they are not in the package delivery business. In which case, they need to stop taking money for services that they have no intention of providing.

said by pp03:

Maybe you need to live in the country, our postman just open the door and put the package inside.
Maybe my mail carrier needs to start acting like a mail carrier and start actually carrying my mail for me. You know, rather than insisting that I play mail carrier for him and pick it up myself at the local post office.

After all, that is his job description.

said by pp03:

But, we are neighbors, so I guess that helps.
Yeah, I guess it does.

I got another "sorry we missed you" notice today. This time, the carrier didn't fill out anything on the card except for the "IF CHECKED, YOU MUST BE PRESENT AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY TO SIGN FOR AN ITEM" checkbox. So I have no idea what it is he's even trying to deliver.

I guess he has better things to do with his time than fill out forms like he's supposed to. You know, so I can get some sort of idea of what's going on?

At any rate, three calls to the folks at 800-ASK-USPS and a brief chat today with someone at the local post office all yielded the same result: the post office representatives all said that, yes, he is obliged to attempt a redelivery if I indicate I'd like one, even if it's a package that requires a signature.

So it looks like I need to talk to a supervisor at the local PO or something. Because what we have here.....is a failure to communicate.

Spare Me the Marxist B.S.
Newark, NJ

Every profession has an a**hole or two at every office, some people take their jobs seriously, some don't, for the longest time we had a carrier called Marie who was a mild mannered, polite and professional carrier that went out of her way to do her job to the best of her ability while keeping in mind that "I treat my route customers the same way I'd like to be treated", Marie bought a house down the Jersey shore and requested a transfer to a P.O. closer to her new home, ever since then (about six years) we've had five different carriers assigned to our route, three of those have been retained on a route rotational basis, the other two were fired because of the large amount of complaints from people in the neighborhood, the worst one was a young "urban" female who wouldn't even answer a polite hello, how are you? and practiced mail mutilation while inserting it in the boxes, I was one of the customers who complained to the local supervisor, he told me that he had received dozens of complaints about her and an inspector was assigned to follow her inconspicuously, I saw him on a Saturday afternoon, he drove an unmarked Ford Taurus that looked just like any other civilian owned one would, I asked him what he was doing opening the mailboxes and he stated that he was checking the condition of the mail upon delivery due to complaints, I thanked him and went about my business, about a month and a half later I received a letter from the City's Postmaster apologizing for the previous situation with the damaged mail, it was also mentioned that the culprit was a probationary employee that failed her probation and was terminated, talking to some of my neighbors they confirmed having received a similar letter.

Unfortunately it takes one or two bad apples to tarnish the hard earned reputation of most postal employees, carriers work under just about any kind of weather conditions and do it reliably and effectively, most of the time people expect, demand and receive outstanding service from the USPS, situations like the one I've mentioned above are mostly rare, do not forget to let your carrier(s) know how much you appreciate and value the service that they provide for you, come Christmas, give your carrier a nice card and appropriate tip, I know carriers are not supposed to accept gratuities, I have never had one that has refused to accept it. Take care of those that take care of you and most of the time it will come back to you in like fashion. For the record, I am not a postal employee.
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