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San Francisco, CA
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Re: What controls this?

But you can use a QAM tuner to pull in unencrypted digital cable signal. No box needed. It is up to the cable companies to leave the streams unencrypted. I'm not sure why some of them are encrypted and others left open - ESPN is unencrypted, but USA Network is encrypted. Go figure...

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Columbus, OH

And that is just the thing. The FCC is only mandating that local network stations go unencrypted and a small handful of cable networks mandate remaining unencrypted in their carriage agreements (though more often than not, cableco's encrypt anyways and they often go unnoticed and unchecked.).

The more users that are actually using the the QAM tuners in their tv sets, dvd recorders, etc. that they can bleed off and force to buy a box, the better. It is in their (financially) best interest to keep the open QAM channels to a minimum.

Unless you are in, say, a FiOS area with tv service, don't count on PERMANENTLY having open QAM channels available.
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Derry, NH

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all I know is an "enterprising" neighbor has been unsuccessful at getting any of the digital content on the coax without using one of the CableCo's digital boxes...

had to Wiki to find out what QAM was...

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