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$50 penalty? I guess I'll cancel instead.

What do you call it when someone wants to charge you $50 that you can avoid? Unreasonable. What do you call it when they'll let you avoid the extra charge but you have to have your service interrupted for "about two weeks". I don't know. Pay $50 or be disconnected is my choice, and I know what choice I am making.

I've been a static DSL customer for years, across two moves, pro level for half that time. Now I need to cut back for a while, so I'm going to switch to the minimum - dynamic basic. I'm out of contract, so that's not an issue. I've been a good trouble-free customer, but I will have to pay $50 to downgrade the service level. I could just cancel and resubscribe. The rep tell me there would be no activation charges, but, she emphasizes, it would be three days to cancel and at least three days to reconnect, so I would be without service for about two weeks. Well, I guess that's the lock-in they're counting on. If I do it that way it's more inconvenient for both of us, but let's try for that $50!

I was a good customer, and I realize I'm going to be a bad (i.e. low revenue) customer for a while, but I don't think I should be charged extra for the privilege. Does it make sense that you can shut it down and reconnect for no fee? No, there is a cost, and new customers don't pay it. Should this fee apply to someone who's never lowered their service level in four years and wants to stay with Sonic? Probably not.


Santa Rosa, CA
Weak sauce!

I Maybe they'd let you enjoy dialup for the three days...just to reminisce!


I'd do that, but the "stick" is cutting you off. There is no "carrot."

Aptos, CA
reply to WiFu
FYI... the fee is from AT&T, sonic doesn't get a penny...

Per Dane's reply to a customer review here:
»Static or dynamic?

The downgrade fee is clearly published when you process a downgrade using our tools. Unfortunatly, SBC-ASI charges this fee whenever a customer downgrades from one speed to another, so it's not something we can waive for customers! Sorry if this was unclear.
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That makes me feel better about canceling at least. If AT&T gets less money, so much the better. Or will they make it back on the reconnect anyway?

I did not use the tools, so maybe you can clarify, is it the static to dynamic that gets the charge or a change from higher throughput to lower throughput? Do they charge upgrades too, but you don't pass it on in that case?

Santa Rosa, CA
We're charged the $50 by AT&T when a circuit speed is downgraded, but we apply this fee broadly to both speed changes and IP changes. (Any downgrade, in other words)

That said, it is NOT an AT&T charge for an IP downgrade, it's a Sonic.net charge, and it's reasonable to ask us to waive it. Particularly for someone who's been a customer for some time, asking us for some flexibility is quite reasonable. Drop me an email and I'll do some poking on this side for you and get it resolved. dane@corp.sonic.net



Thanks Dane. That would have been an interesting option, since I was paying $70, but I have already committed to a different solution. It's too bad it was made so much cheaper for me to switch, but I now understand your situation. I will probably come back if I dynamic addresses don't work out for me. No hard feelings.