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This is a sub-selection from 1GIG/month cap will sink Android


Jamaica, NY
reply to kwayzcat

Re: 1GIG/month cap will sink Android

said by kwayzcat:

I have been a customer since 2001 and I've brought no less than 10 lines to T-Mobile by talking to my family members. I am the techie of the family, 27 years old and an engineer. Everyone listens to me when it comes to anything technology. And I've never steered them wrong. Lately I've been telling them to wait for TMO 3G, its going to be great. Now this happens? Unless they change it I'm telling people to leave T-Mobile when their contract ends. I'm going to probably tell them to switch to Sprint.

T-Mobile has lost their minds. A 1GB cap is actually offensive. I'm looking at the next carrier that gets android. Sprint here I come, and 10+ lines with me.
ATT and Sprint have the best 5GB cap terms, ATT unenforced, Sprint over a 3 month period.


Sprint 5GB cap is not for mobile phone data plans, it is literally for Phone as a modem plan people aka official tethering people. But as Sprint rep mentioned in their forum if you go beyond couple of GBs a month sprint will start flagging ur account as a possible tethering user!


reply to patcat88

Use Kinoma Player and you will go over 1 GB in a day!

I have used Kinoma player which streams youtube and tons of podcasts on windows mobile, mine is sprint mogul, I have used about 1 GB on a single day. On a sidenote, I haven't seen many people noticing the fact that G1 cannot download from amazon mp3 store over TMO internet, it can do that only over wifi!!