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Los Angeles, CA

[WotLK] Goblin vs. Gnomish Engineering in WotLK?

Well, was finally thinking of ditching skinning for gas cloud farming (now and in WotLK), but now I'm kind of torn which one to specialize in. It seems like both of the specialties kinda get the same things, but Gnomish has more of the "fun" toys, whereas Goblin has more of the mat/gold-heavy disposables.

For those who've played the beta, is there a difference? If not, I may have to go Gnomish to pick up that monocole that makes everyone naked. It's probably the most laughable thing I've seen of the Engineering gadgets to date.
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Lake City, FL

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Re: [WotLK] Goblin vs. Gnomish Engineering in WotLK?

Personally, I've always gone function over tricks. Regardless, 80% of what gnomish craft, can be used by goblin and visa-versa, it's just a matter of whether or not you can make it.

For example, I went Goblin for the functionality of it, but in all actuality, most crafted items are surpassed by end-game content anyways. Engineering is rarely used as a functional DPS due to the cost to do so, however some stuff comes in handy in pvp (extra stuns, etc).

Engineering is costly, time consuming, and mostly for fun- so if I had to do it all over again, I'd probably go gnomish.

I can't speak for WoTLK, however- there may be something amazing in goblin around the corner- it may be smart to level up and just wait to make the specialization.


Anchorage, AK

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Yeah the difference is marginal and you can use anything made by either specialisation provided it isn't BOP on production.

If I was starting again I would simply look at the BOP patterns and make my decision based on those. Otherwise it's a matter of what YOU think looks fun.

There is a low level head armor pattern that requires 375 engineering for every class. In theory, with the help of a mage port and a lot of gold, you can make these at lvl 50. I made mine at lvl 54. Some are gnomish, some are goblin and all will be replaced at lvl 62 (and again at 72) by a generic engineering pattern. The ONLY reason I made mine early was because I spent a lot of time in BGs from 50-62.

As there is no longer any value in doing this, unless for some reason you feel you need a set of epics at lvl 70, I can't say that this should be a major factor in your decision making. WotLK is removing welfares from the game by attaching arena rating requirements to all BG and Arena epics. So you wouldn't be using low level BGs to pre-buy your lvl 80 epics, just get honor which you could as easily get at lvl 80 in a lot less time by doing BGs that give a lot more honor.


The removal of welfares is simply returning WoW back to how it was prior to the second season of Arena, when even BG epics were difficult to get. It shouldn't matter too much and is simply making the term 'epic' mean something again. Many newer players don't realise that heroics and lower Kara were supposed to be started in blues with the odd epic and the odd green. You got your epics by completing heroic instances, downing Kara bosses and eventually season 2 gear started to fill in the gaps. The idea that you aren't much use unless you're completely epic geared is a new concept that I'm glad will soon be gone from the game.