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Prolific Bunny
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DC Project: Ecology Fund

Not exactly considered a distributed computing project, it is more a "distributed clicking" project called EcologyFund. Let us examine it:


Team Ecology shares the [GDC Forum] with Team RC5/72 and Team Endeavor. From the EcologyFund [website]:

EcologyFund is owned and operated by The Hunger Site Network as a way to get new funds for critical habitat and wilderness preservation using the power of the internet. When you "click to give" our sponsors pay the project you selected to preserve the number of square feet shown by each project. You pay nothing. To maximize the contribution, click on each project every day. If you register, The Hunger Site Network will donate 500 square feet of wilderness in your name, and will keep a running tally for you of all the land you have preserved.

All monies from sponsorships generated on EcologyFund go to purchase and protect wild lands. Sponsors are interested in supporting wilderness preservation for the same reasons we are: 1) its good for the environment, 2) our advertising budgets can do double duty and accomplish something important, and 3) the best form of public relations is good work.

The goal is to save land for free by clicking links.
This all sounds very interesting and exciting right? And now you want to join the project, right? Well, where do you go from here? Let us cover that now. Each of the projects has a team here at DSL Reports. This project is sponsored by:

Team Ecology Fund

Founded by Starfish, the team is found in this [forum].

EcologyFund Team Standings are here.

What's the point?

Maybe you've thought about it, or looked it over, and now you're wondering, "What's the point?"

If so, take a look at THIS.

Once again, come and join us, you'll be glad you did. You need not join this team but still join this project on your own, or you can join any or all of the teams.

The choice is yours.

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