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DC Project: Genome@Home


This is another project, Genome@Home (GAH for short), sponsored by the Stanford University team under Vijay Pande. As per their [website]:

The Human Genome Project is nearing completion, and scientists are working hard to develop the understanding needed to use this wealth of genetic information in ways that will be significant to medicine and humankind. One of the most important ways to do this is to study the other genomes and individual gene sequences that are already available to us. By understanding how these genomes work, we will be able to put the huge amounts of data (over 50, 000 genes and 3 billion nucleotide base pairs) from the Human Genome Project into biological and medical context, giving it real meaning.

Some important applications of the Genome@home virtual genome protein design database:

•engineering new proteins for medical therapy
•designing new pharmaceuticals
•assigning functions to the dozens of new genes being sequenced every day
•understanding protein evolution

The goal of Genome@home is to design new genes that can form working proteins in the cell.

This all sounds very interesting and exciting right? And now you want to join the project, right? Well, where do you go from here? Let us cover that now. Each of the projects has a team here at DSL Reports. This project is sponsored by:

Team Helix

Founded by Zhen-Xjell and co-hosted by mattmag See Profile, Icarus See Profile and Santa Fe See Profile, the team is found in their own [forum].

Team Helix has two projects:

Once again, come and join us, you'll be glad you did. You need not join this team but still join this project on your own, or you can join any or all of the teams.

The choice is yours.

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