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DC Project: RC5-72

Organized by [Distributed.net], this project is an effort to prove that idle time on a network of non-specialized computers can crack government sanctioned encryption standards.

From their website:

The RC5-72 Project is an collaborative effort by distributed.net to tackle the 64-bit RSA Data Security Secret Key Challenge. The Secret-Key Challenge actually consists of thirteen separate but similar contests. Having successfully completed the RC5-32/12/7 contest (RC5-56) in October of 1997 and the RC5-64 contest in August 2002, distributed.net is now concentrating its resources on tackling the RC5-72 contest.

The goal involves testing (at most) 2^72 (4,722,366,482,869,645,213,696) keys to find the one that properly decrypts the contest message.

This all sounds very interesting and exciting right? And now you want to join the project, right? Well, where do you go from here? Let us cover that now. Each of the projects has a team here at DSL Reports. This project is sponsored by:

Team RC-5/72

Founded by Psychephylax, the team is found [here].

Once again, come and join us, you'll be glad you did. You need not join this team but still join this project on your own, or you can join any or all of the teams.

The choice is yours.

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