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[DIRECTV] Independant Contractors

Is there anyway to get in contact with any of these independent contractors with Directv, without directly going through Directv.


Des Plaines, IL
You can try calling the local office.


Staunton, VA
Most of the time, they will still direct you to call DirecTV, the contractors get the work from DirecTV themselves, they cannot create workorders for customers


The reason I ask, is because I sell Directv products bundeled with Verizon. Now I put in an order for a whole House(Landline,DSL,Directv,Cell Phone) and when the directv rep got out there he thought it would be a great idea to tell the customer that DSL is a horrible internet connection and that he has made a terrible mistake. After this he attempted to sell the customer satelite internet so he could make a profit for himself if he installed it. Basically I want to get a hold of either one or two independent contractors in my area that I can trust to send my orders to and do a good job for the customers.

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL
I would report that to DTV, as that is complete BS. Even Sat internet providers will admit it is a last resort, where no other broadband is available.

And they don't WANT the whole country on it as they couldn't begin to provide that bandwidth.

I also don't think DTV wants their contractors doing stuff outside their contract in their name.
»haywardm.com (Hayward's Key West)


Staunton, VA
said by Hayward:

I also don't think DTV wants their contractors doing stuff outside their contract in their name.
Actually DirecTV is pushing to sell Wildblue, check their website. But everytime i went out to a place when I was an installer I would tell the customer if they asked about satellite internet that that would be a last resort and pretty much you never want to go that route anyways... I myself could not get dsl or cable, but was able to get Alltel wireless highspeed internet so i would tell the customer to do some research first.. Just sounds like that Tech was trying to make more money to do that as well, cept we only got paid like $70 for a wildblue install, which is BS alone.... And we were a Direct DirecTV employee.