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Gary A

Odessa, FL

[request] Verizon Fiber Optics Line Monitors - Free

I joined the VZ monitor group back in March (page 1 of this thread), and I just figured out (sorry, sometimes I'm a little slow) that I set up my monitor profile wrong. I set it up as a static IP address, when in fact, it is DHCP. So, I just installed DeeEnEss and updated the IP address with the line monitor so it is now displaying correctly. But, when I did this, I noticed a minor problem with my line monitor information.

My monitor is currently at the top of page 9 (it floats around). When I move the mouse pointer over the county in green, it shows "33556 (Hillsborough)" Well, that's not quite right. Zip code 33556 spans two counties - Hillsborough and Pasco. Pasco county lies directly north and adjacent to Hillsborough County. Is there a way to update your Zip Code database file so that my county location is shown correctly - "33556 (Pasco)" with Pasco County highlighted in green? I looked in my profile information but did not see anything I could change beyond the 5-digit Zip Code, which is already correct. Its just that the wrong county on the Florida map is highlighted green.

Like I said, not a big deal... just wondering, if?


Re: Verizon Fiber Optics Line Monitors - Free

I can't do anything about that but I will move your post over to our Site Feature request for some help.

Gary A

Odessa, FL

OK, thanks