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Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC
·TekSavvy DSL

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The Big Question - How do we get around this?

Can Teksavvy et al install some co-located equipment to get past the throttling points?

How much would it add to the service cost? I'd happily pay more for more speed and no Bell/CRTC crap.

Update1: What can we do to Bell Canada to make them pay for this?


I think the only way to destroy all the idea of throttling in Canada is to make Bell go bankrupt.


Kitchener, ON

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That's pretty close BellNoWay, but there must be a buyer or someone to take it over. The only ones are us, the users.

Teksavvy has one option and one option only to stay in biz:
Bill Bell for their [Teksavvy] losses x 100 to x 1000 and for all the troubles and aggravations
wait 30 days
if Bell don't pay send 'em Notice of Intent and Understanding
wait 3 working days, 4 days there and 4 days back = 11 days
if bell still don't remedy then take it to courts since Teksavvy will automatically win

Teksavvy users can put in their own Notices since they lost out on work, bandwidth, hydro, equipment, etc.
Bell users can do same, even if u're a past Bell user.

Or Teksavvy can start lookin' for other biz and or jobs, cause Bell is gonna squeeze everyone, and bad.

One more thing: force CRTC to pay for losses due to their decision as well

Please engage eyeballs and retain functional brain before operating fingers.