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Can you do Blu?
Hercules, CA
reply to DarkLogix

Re: what is the point of 50Mbps with a 250gb cap they should use

said by DarkLogix:

it would (based on whats happened) be more like this
Speed tire price + Usage Price + Peak hours usage
you have your $50 for 16/2 + your $10 per 10gig + anothe $0 per Peak 10GB + non-3play service $30penalty + 20 for CDV

with peak hours not know to you
so 30GB/month
$160 just for a little 30GB you say you use
you really want that

the for 50/10
150+30+30+30+20+(extra channels used penalty)50
so 310
Dude, that makes absolutely no sense.

Apply that same math/logic to someone like yourself who says 250GB isn't enough...
Several thou per month?
Either way friend, my bill will be considerably lower than... yours!
Think outside the Fox... Opera

Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
the issue isn't that yours would be lower but that you are one more just going with it and will end up helping them hit you with an insane bill one day

maybe not this year but someday

its like cows to the slaughter
one cow sees another killed (booted/high monthly cost) and thinks oh that won't happen to me then the next and next untill that cow is the one getting it

you see others getting booted and think oh you don't use enough for that to happen to me

but one day it or something worse does

oh its just the top 1%
but the people that were the top 1% last year were already booted and now the ones that would have been only the top 10% are now the top 1%

and I pay $120 a month so I don't have a cap even though I know I won't hit it

as my Up+down is only 20GB a month (well I'll need to check to be sure (thats just my computer) so when they release a bandwidth meter for my service I'll see)