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Trusteer Rapport cracked!


surfing on the net I've found this thread:


I know this software because many online websites talked about it.

Looks like a hacker (?) easily cracked it: »epifail.narod.ru/rapport.html

On their website, they say:

Rapport's protection is based on a revolutionary technology that is entirely different from the technologies used by conventional desktop security solutions. Rapport protects your username, password, and other sensitive login information and prevents malware and fraudulent websites from stealing this information. Rapport also protects your online communication and prevents malware from tampering with your transactions (for example, transferring money from your bank account to the attacker's bank account). If you bank, trade, or shop online, Rapport can significantly reduce your exposure to the growing threat of financial fraud and identity theft
Still, they write:

Rapport protects login credentials and transactions, from desktop to Website, even if a computer is infected with malware
Wow, looks like ING DIRECT bank is using THE definitive solution against malware and their customers are totally protected, even if a PC is already infected.

Sadly, this is a false sense of security. ING DIRECT bank, please check that. Save your customers from this. If a PC is infected, you should NEVER EVER use it for online transactions, regardless of any false claim.
On that website there's a video that shows the hack too!

What do you guys think about this?

La Merma - Vigilado
said by OJS :

What do you guys think about this?
I think what that guy said
If a PC is infected, you should NEVER EVER use it for online transactions

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It's Trusteer/Rapport that says you can use it on an infected system and it will protect your data:


Rapport assumes the desktop is infected. And, rather than try to clean malware from the desktop, Rapport builds a "secure pipe" inside the desktop which hides credentials and communication with the Website from malware and fraudulent Websites. Malware, or any other form of attack, cannot penetrate the secure pipe and cannot interfere with online banking activities.

In my opinion, if a security product is saying that their software will protect your data even if your system is infected, you should run, not walk, to a serious security product. I would have nothing to do with it, or with any company relying on that product to protect you.
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