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Re: Sorry, Verizon the Gsm World is way head of you!

Exactly the point of Gsm Technology!!!

Big Dawg 23

Northfield, MN
What is the point of GSM if they are rated at the bottom for reliability on signal and quality? Yeah it is nice to have a more open choice on handset but with no signal it means nothing. Besides this won't matter when W-CDMA is launched by most carriers here in the US(AT&T and Verizon).


Gainesville, GA
The world has gone bonkers over "open" everything and fail to realize that in some cases, open means poorer quality - in order for companies to invest in technology (R&D) to improve networks (in this case), they actually have to make money. The companies also have to make money due to investors who also want to make money (capitalism at its finest). Sum all this up and if you allow thousands of devices on a network without possibility of making money, then where is the investment in R&D coming from or investors investing? Uh...its not and the networks suffer (AT&T being a great example). Whether or not a company makes too much money or not, is not where I am going with this (its subjective) - the reality is a catch-22; GSM is more open and lower performing while CDMA is more closed and higher performing - so what do you want open and bad or closed and good?

Regardless, if you want cheap, fast or good, you only get 2!