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Can't make outbound calls.

I have a gizmo MTA-6329re. My number is being ported from vonage so I know I can't make inbound calls. I connected the gizmo to the router. pwr, run and voip lights green. WAN lights orange. I have no idea what the orange light means since its not listed in their user guide.

I get Dialtone, but when I dial numbers, it never connects and it just stays silent.

I tried adding the device to the DMZ on the router, same issue. I then tried connecting the gizmo directly to my dlink dcm-202 (comcast provider) but the orange wan light is still there and same issue when dialing numbers... so I don't think its my router...

Any ideas about this one?


Did some searching in forums -

I tried disabling SIP, when I do that, I don't even get a dialtone.

My firmware is the latest firmware available from Dlink. still nothing..


reply to tbuser11

I got it working - SIP was still enabled, I hit ok but didn't hit save settings in the router..

Turning off SIP lets me place calls, and i get ringtones and voice. quality's good.

I still wont be able to accept calls until vonage gets their act together and transfer my phone number...


Leesburg, VA
It's great to hear that you got it working.

The orange WAN light you are seeing is telling you that you are connected 100mbps.


Nice, thanks for telling me what the orange wan light means..

I got my email from teleblend saying the number porting will be the 16th.. As it is soo far, the service is great -

It doesn't drop calls like vonage did when I called India, and it has better quality than skype does to India..

Thanks again..


Leesburg, VA

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