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Re: Single-link MLPPP on Windows with Virtualbox (instructions)

said by Jabber:

It would depend on what you did in step 31. If you manually entered an IP, you would stick that IP in there (ex: If you went the DHCP route, it would, as you said, get assigned an IP by Zeroshell.

Either way, you can check your IP by going to Control Panel > Network Connections > Your Connection. Right click and select Status and then click the Support tab.
thanks, if the dhcp is assigning an ip, would it not change all the time and defeat the purpose of the port forwarding?

also, another question:

since all internet traffic is being routed through the virtual box in this scenario, does that device need to be running 24/7? ie, if i wish to surf the net with my laptop, which is not running the software, does the virtual box need to be running on my main rig? same for voip/xbox live/etc...

i really like that guspaz created this, but i don't want to have to start it up everytime i need to use the internet or play xbox or use phone, etc, plus wife would get pretty frustrated if nothing was working properly.



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First of all, no you don't NEED to have this running to access the internet. Secondly, you don't need to change ports at all. IP changes but your individual computer's IP on LAN doesn't change I guess, I could be wrong. But at least I don't have to change ports. I'm on D'LINK DIR-625. Even though I'm on DHCP and on dynamic IP, my router always assigns the same individual IP to each computer on LAN. Finally, you only run the Virtual Machine and then click on START, that will launch your ZeroShell/MLPPP machine which will then bypass throttling.

In short, you don't need this to connect to the internet. But you need it to bypass throttling. It's as simple as launching the program and then torrenting. You'll still have access to internet without this running and you don't have to change ports all the time.

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i think may setup may be a little different than yours, then, because i cannot connect to the internet unless the zeroshell is running, otherwise windows tells me that my network connectivity is limited and won't connect unless the zeroshell app is running. i am using a 2wire if that makes a difference.

once i have it running everything is fine, its just annoying for other people who just want to do casual stuff and don't know why somethings aren't working. for now i am just doing any downloading in the morning when the throttle is not yet active and crossing my fingers that the single link mlppp situation for windows is rectified...