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Crossett, AR
reply to eatatjoz

Re: for anyone in the Crossett, AR area...

you would be surprised. the only thing that has stopped Crossett from growing is all the age 45+ people who missed the boat on technology. and continue to vote in mayors who think technology is a john deer tractor with run flat tires lol.

Crossett is Fiber Fed and has been setup for the last 10 years to be in the forefront of broadband if a company invested the money in there own equipment.

oh and I wish I was still in Van Buren lol. i miss my 18mb cable with cox there

Mayflower, AR
I am surprised!
Ten years ago I worked at GP quite a bit doing fire door "drops".
It sounds like the place is moving up, and I'm glad to hear it.
Ya'll always had some pretty, down to earth, friendly women down there, and the place isn't "dry" anymore?!
I may have to come visit.
"I hope you did something important today, 'cause it cost ya another day of your life."