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Go Dawgs Sic 'Em
Alpharetta, GA

[Serious] Sonny trying to cut teachers pay

With all the news of the budget lately there hasn't been much of a mention of education except for the downsizing of the number of nurses in schools. There is also an item to cut the pay of teachers with National Board Certification. If you are not familiar with National Board Certification it is a very grueling process with a small percentage of teachers pass the first time. “More than 150 studies have examined National Board Certification and have concluded NBCTs make a significantly measurable impact on teacher performance, student learning, engagement, and achievement.” from »www.nbpts.org/

I encourage everyone to learn more about National Board and if you agree that it is not right to have these highly skilled, best and brightest to have their pay cut visit »www.petitiononline.com/pn3p1324 to sign the petition.

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Welcome to the far side of reality
Gone South
I am familiar with the NBC. How much more do teachers make with the certification? And, how much is their salary going to be cut?

Perhaps bigger news than the nurse cut is the increase in class size.

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Go Dawgs Sic 'Em
Alpharetta, GA
10% pay increase with the NBC and Sonny has proposed taking the entire 10% away.


Duluth, GA
reply to DSL_JC
The congregated form of teaching on the county levels is sorely costly. Gwinnett county published their 2009 budget for their 159,000 students and the cost per pupil for the 2009 year is $11,650.

That's bloody expensive, but when asking any parent they are blissfully clueless as to the costs and often think of it as free daycare to get their MOIs (ahem, Moments Of Indiscretions) out of their hair for a fer hours during the day.

BTW, based on the student numbers there are almost as many childless households in my county as their are child-based households. Of course, no one thanks the childless households for helping in that $11,650/pupil BILL.