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This is a sub-selection from The red hand

Res Firma Mitescere Nescit
Stepford, CA

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reply to DarkLogix

Re: The red hand

said by DarkLogix:

This sounds like it'll help people catch Comcast, At&a, Ect redhanded

And just what makes you think Comcrap et al. is quaking in their boots? The first time they were caught redhanded, all they received was a slap on the wrist. Sure, they also generated a fair amount of negative PR, but as Comcrap continues to demonstrate time after time, they really don't give 2 shits about bad PR because they'll just hire some journalistic schnook like Dan Roth from a reputable publication to write a feel good article to give weak minded subscribers the warm fuzzies.
The Toll

Tracking Lord Stanley

Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX

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I don't think their quaking but this could be a good tool to use when people think they're being effected

Its the kind of tool that would be nice to have on this site actualy

Canadian, eh?

Valencia, CA
The vast majority of users could CURRENTLY care less.
Those that are in the industry - techs/geeks/devlopers and those that run the networks and/or pay for it are the ones that will care.

TWC doesn't appear to be throttled
There's no indication that your ISP rate limits your BitTorrent uploads. In our tests a TCP upload achieved minimal 715 Kbps while a BitTorrent upload achieved maximal 951 Kbps. You can find details here.

* The BitTorrent download worked. Our tool was successful in downloading data using the BitTorrent protocol.

* There's no indication that your ISP rate limits your BitTorrent downloads.


Lawrence, KS
While admitting that you have a problem is usually the first step to resolving that problem, I would say that KNOWING you have a problem is the first step to admitting it. The vast majority of users CURRENTLY have no idea why some things work better or faster than others on their broadband connection. Here's to hoping that these tools can/will spread knowledge that things could be better...