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Re: Proof once and for all

said by blips:

How do you like the fact that Comcast is going to throttle your Vonage line?
This is nothing more than political spin. You could also say

•the 7x24 DVD home store downloader on your DSLAM is throttling your Vonage line. Although fair share congestion management actually helps this.
• your FiOS neighbors that are running VoD's is throttling your Roku netflix.
• your Uverse neighbor that is running 3 TVs with HD programming are throttling your Hulu

It's a slippery slope and there is not perfect solution. So far I think what is out there today is getting closer and better than last year.


Hazelwood, MO
Your reaching there. It is one thing to allow the laws of physics control the line. It is another thing to attempt to control the the line yourself.

The laws of physics will surely control the traffic 100% of the time. If too many people are on the system and it causes too many problems then user's leave the system freeing up the bandwidth and thus reducing the problems. The providers shouldn't be trying to figure out how to stuff more people in there by limiting the current ones. They should either expand their network, or allow it to naturally settle on X number of users.

Heh... This has been happening with all carriers over the past 5+ years. It's called IP convergence and believe it or not, many carriers run this on the same physical network.