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Rockville, MD
·Verizon FiOS

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reply to fifty nine

Re: Remember the 90s

said by fifty nine:

Well, now both of those things have come to pass so now they have every reason to cap and charge overages.
actually, the only reason they have to cap and charge overages is to suck more money out of their captive customers and not have to adequately upgrade their infrastructure

they WANT to do this and don't need a reason.

Combat Chuck
Too Many Cannibals
Verona, PA
Yeah, that's why the power company does it....wait...
Come let us reason together.

Layed off TWC

reply to nasadude
You are correct, they should have saved enough on the most recent layoffs, between wages, benefits, retirement, not to have to do this. They just couldn't figure it out on the front side and got caught with their pants down on the infrastructure that was necessary to play in todays world. The customers do have a choice, disconnect and go to DSL,it works just as fast if not better, I have never had any problems. Never lived in the Service to get the free employee Service. Direct TV is great, had it for 16 years and never a service call. People do have a choice for less money and better service. Don't buckle up to TWC's exploding proices and ideas.