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[ex-VZ] outlook express

How do i turn on the spam filter with outlook express
i did not have this trouble with verizon....i get 50 emails a day which are all junk


Bangor, ME
Buy Norton 360 it will fix the problem for you and a lot more.

Nashua, NH

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reply to jerzdave
You don't need to buy anything.

The difference you're seeing is because the default configuration for FairPoint's mail system is to mark spam e-mails with *SPAM* in the title but still deliver them to your inbox. (Verizon would by default quarantine spam e-mails on their e-mail server.) You can change this to quarantine or delete spam e-mails at FairPoint's e-mail server, which will then function similarly to how Verizon filtered out spam before you saw it.

Go to www.myfairpoint.net, click on the "WEBMAIL" link at the top right corner of the page, then sign in to FP's Webmail using your FP e-mail address and password. Click on the "Preferences" link at the top of the page, then click on the "Spam Preferences" link on the left side of the next page. The third option group on the right side of the page will show "I want Spam Filtering to:".

You can either select "Delete Spam" or "Quarantine Spam"; the former causes spam e-mail to be immediately deleted, while the latter causes spam e-mail to be placed in a separate spam folder on FP's e-mail server. Both will have the same end result; spam e-mail will not be delivered to your Outlook Express inbox.

You can also set up Outlook Express to filter spam e-mails on the receiving end. Here's a good tutorial on how to do that: »www.sitedeveloper.ws/tutorials/spam.htm



Thanks for your helpful post. However, though I changed my spam preferences as you suggested I am still getting dozens and dozens of spam messages each day. And I have some non-spam messages - particularly daily subscriptions - that are not getting through until I specifically allow them.
And do you know what, if anything, happens when I select the "report as spam" option on webmail?
Thanks again!

Nashua, NH
Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what happens when you use the "Report as spam" button. I would *think* FP would use that information to improve their filtering, but there is absolutely NO documentation of that button in the Web mail help.

Are the spam messages marked as such in the subject line of the e-mail? If not, then they're not being recognized as such by FP's e-mail server. You can try logging in to FP's Web mail BEFORE you use Outlook Express and individually report any spam e-mail in the Web mail inbox as spam by clicking the box to the left of the e-mail message(s) and then clicking on the "Report as spam" button above.

In the worst case you can choose more agressive filtering, and check via Web mail to be sure nothing important has been identified as spam. In this case be sure to use the "quarantine" option instead of the "delete" option.

Unfortunately, there's no "This isn't spam" button. Your only option there is to add the e-mail address(es) of your mailing lists to the "Never block" list that you can access through the "Spam preferences" settings.


Thanks again, Tony. Apparently the messages I've been receiving are not identified by FP as spam because they've been coming through without the *spam* identifier. I adjusted the settings to allow the spam to come through with identifiers and due to this increase in volume that setting will be changed ASAP!

Logging onto web mail first doesn't help unless the message is very current as they've already been sent to Outlook. I may need to adjust the timing for forwarding.

I've been able to add senders that were being deleted as spam but it is an additional frustration. Odd that the "Viagra" messages are getting through the filters but the daily subscriptions to national news media are not!