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This is a sub-selection from Well,

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reply to jc10098

Re: Well,

said by jc10098:

EAST EUROPE in the report is 4 Countries!!!!!!!!!
Wow great point! However the United States is just one country so comparing it to four is pointless! Furthermore, the murder rate is just one component of violent crime. For instance, stabbings are exponentially higher in the UK and Ireland. In fact, according to the BBC violent crime in Ireland rose 131% in the year 2002 as compared to 1999. The bottom line is that the United States is one of the safest countries in the world, every statistic will confirm that. The crime rate has continued to go down in most major cities over the past decade, and national security has dramatically improved. Why dont you take a guess why?

»news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe ··· 0781.stm


Great Point. I know my points are Great. I compared the U.S. to 40 Countries 1 by 1.


Notice I listed EACH COUNTRY. I did not say EUROPE to North America. Europe is a Continent. You might not know that because school and you never got along. I'd be amazed if you graduated high school. So Europe in the sense of countries to the U.S. on a 1 to 1 ratio. YOU FAIL at your point, I am absolutely correct. MOST COUNTRIES IN EUROPE ARE FAR SAFER THAN THE U.S.

So what if crime rose?

In 2004 32 of the 40 countries were WELL BELOW US in murder standards. PROVEN WRONG.

No just admit it. You can't even argue properly. Now you're backed into a corner and got nothing to say.
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This is a sub-selection from Well,