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Shrinking Time and Distance
Frisco, TX
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Re: Hardly surprising...

No, you can't fix stupid, and boy have we got a lot of stupid.

At the same time, 3G aircards and other means of getting onto wireless data networks are becoming more and more mainstream, especially with the subsidized netbooks being bundled with them as the article mentions. We're going to be seeing more and more non-tech savvy people getting on board with these devices and not understanding all of the minutiae.

It is therefore my belief that the wireless companies need to do a better job of warning users when bandwidth consumption strays into the "ludicrously expensive" category. And I mean really warning people, like by calling the number associated with the account holder, not just sending a fire-and-forget SMS that isn't guaranteed to be received by the device in question and saying "Due diligence done!" Or, provide the customer with an option to have their service suspended when a particular amount of bandwidth has been consumed, just in case.

But then the wireless companies couldn't profit from your stupidity, ignorance, or honest mistakes...could they.
"I'll follow the law until it's just stupid." -Ted Nugent


Panama City, FL

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I know Obama was shocked his Blackberry didn't work in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, consumers are stupid. If they were smart, no one would pay $15,000 for a handbag or $80,000 for a GM car.

If voters were smart, they wouldn't have elected Stuart Smally either. Or Obama.


or Bush? Twice?


Ladson, SC
Let's pray Obama has 1 term.


Hollywood, FL
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I concure