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Des Plaines, IL
reply to canesfan2001


said by canesfan2001:

If you examine his Twitter feed you see that ATT claims 9GB of use, he is very aware of what the rates/Data use is. This case happens to involve ATT possibly being wrong about the data usage total, not him not knowing better. Wouldn't be the first time a carrier was wrong about data usage.
Doen't The Iphone do a lot of background data use?

Did thing it was on the rogers network and it endless tried to download some software over and over again?


Chesterfield, MO

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Yes but the first month I had my iPhone I went nuts and still only managed to consume 1GB of download. It's now running no more than half that.

Unless Adam was taking and sending lots of big pictures or watching lots of streaming video, I don't know how he managed to use that much with an iPhone.

I assume we're talking about an iPhone here, right? If we're talking about a different phone to which he tethered a laptop or a laptop card, then 9GB isn't all that much.


Newtown, PA

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reply to Joe12345678

No. There is no background anything. You need push services on (per app), location services on, and the mail setting to be updated every x minutes for it to do anything in the "background".

Some points:

One, when i have my iPhone in airplane mode with wifi on, there is no extraneous activity on the router, even over several hours.

Two, over 2 lines and a month of serious web browsing, downloading apps, watching videos etc, our combined total is something like 300 megs. We were not going easy on our phones in the least bit, and ever since my iBook's dc board has been acting up i've been using my iPhone more & more.

Three. 2G data does not count towards the iPhone data plan cap. Unless he was in some amazingly well connected 3G area (which i'm not sure canada has, i don't have enough knowledge on the issue), there's no way you could even rack up 9 gigs over a month given the slower speeds vs wifi even with an iPhone 3Gs.

So, in conclusion, you can see the only way 9 gigs of download could be even possible is if he was using his phone every day all day every minute, which really isn't practical. Few hundred megs a day is what that would equate to. Unless he was tethering (which you can't do currently), or mistakenly using 3G vs wifi is the only thing i can see, even then.... I don't even use 9 gigs a month on my fios connection


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