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Re: IE8 InPrivate filter from adblock plus list

said by richardfrey11001:

I just imported the IE8 adblocker list. It seriously altered the way DSLReports.com is displayed. Turning off the inprivate filtering and refreshing the page makes it display correctly. Wish I knew which new item caused it so I could delete it from the list.
I made some changes to the xml. Try it again and see if it works for you now.


Floral Park, NY

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That did the trick for me. DSLReports is back to normal. Thank You!

I thought it was fixed, but now I have come back to DSLReports an hour later and it is not fixed, still a very distorted display.

P.S. We are talking about the XML that you get by clicking on the zip posted by acuariano on 9/2 right?
Luck Has Nothing To Do With It!


Floral Park, NY
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I went to the web site shown in acuariano's post and downloaded the XML from the link where it says "here" and that XML returned DSLReports to its former glory.
Luck Has Nothing To Do With It!