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Applegate, CA
reply to foothilldave

Re: starconnect down 9/1 ?

OK as of 9/10 their new statement is:

The situation has not changed much, we are still trying desperately to recover the original carrier; however, satellite portion of the StarConnect service is still down. If these attempts are not successful, we are still atempting to make arrangements for as smooth as possible transition to another one way satellite Internet service provider , Please check this location for any updates which will be posted as soon as the future direction becomes clearer.

If I don't hear a resolution as of Monday 14 I plan to order WildBlue as I need my internet. I prefer WildBlue over Hughes (the only other "real" satellite provider) as they have a monthly RUP quota so can still stream stuff - maybe.

Sorry to see Starconnect go - but to leave all customers hanging for 2-weeks in limbo is already unforgivable.

My understanding is that if they do get back online, the average speed will go down because they will have to lower the amount of bandwidth they are purchasing from SES in order to stay a profitable business. In other words, less bandwidth per customer = slower speeds for all.

In a nut shell, they will always be in survival mode.

I would personally take a look at EVDO even if you have very poor cellular reception in your area, you may still be able to obtain a usuable signal by purchasing a decent antenna and amplifier. there is a company that provides a trully unlimited plan with NO contracts.

I am currently using them and my nearest cell tower is 8.5 miles away. Without an antenna my signal is unusable, but with a Parabolic grid and a Wilson 3 watt amp, I now enjoy unlimited high speed internet. I can game, download movies, etc, all with no limits.