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Bring back DTV and Dish merger talks

I prefer to see DTV and DISH merge . It was scuttled due to anti trust knee jerkings of Bush Adminstration with bias toward obsolete cable companies. There is nothing DTV or DISH couldnt offer two way Internet access by satellite, but it costs money . That was why DTV and DISH needs to merge to gain the scales of economics necessary to join the Internet fray littered wtih phone companies, cable companies, DSL providers, etc. Only if there had already been more than two satellite companies, there would be nothing that can be used to stop DTV and DISH merger. Too bad, we have only two satetllite companies. Everyone ought to know that not practically anybody can launch a damn rocket to place a satellite out there. It is nose bleeding technology to launch a damn satellite out there. Anti trust ?? My nuts!!


Hingham, MA

There are satellite internet companies already... IIRC, didn't DirecTV own HughesNet at one point, only to sell it and thus leave the internet business?


Sandy, UT

DirecTV has had at least 2 internet companies I'm aware of. DirecTV DSL and HughesNet. DirecTV DSL was a conglomeration of a half a dozen different ISP's that offered service on the Frontier network before it bankrupted.


reply to EPS4

I know , but I think Directv decided not to jump in the Internet or wireless data because the costs were too prohibitive. HughesNet is now Skyterra or something. Skyterra is bought by someone recently. I looked at those small outifts and concluded that they are not going to grow big as they caters strictly to field workers like geologists or biologists out in the wilderness. Directv can offer "satellite" Internet if it wants to, but I believe that in order to do so, it is logical to merge with Dish to improve the odds of succeeding in the "satellite" data or internet. There is a lot of people lviing out in the boonies especially in the West.