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Landing is the REAL challenge
Columbus, OH

Content providers

While by no means are the pay tv carriers off the hook, they are not the only bad guys in this. Should also complain to the content providers as well who force both you and the carriers into either paying for large chunks of channels they own or 'take a hike'. Disney and Viacom are two that clearly come to mind and they both repeatedly like to put a stranglehold on the pay tv carriers to where they either have to put up with rate hikes and take ALL of their owned channels or get nothing at all. And this all filters down to the consumer.
I swear, some people should have pace-makers installed to free up the resources. Breathing and heart beat taxes their whole system, all of their brain cells wasted on life support.-two bit brains, and the second bit is wasted on parity! ~head_spaz

ObamaCare Kills Americans
So I wonder what would happen if a major cable company like Comcast would just turn to Disney and tell them to take a hike? In reality, though, it's not like that will ever happen so it's probably a moot point.

I would love to have a choice in channels I receive via cable, satellite, etc. This would be the ultimate in competition. Then one would be able to tailor an entertainment package to exactly fit one's needs without having to keep all the useless crap (like CNN, ESPN, MSNBC, HSN, etc., etc.) that one never watches.
Nobel peace prize for Obammer... Now he's got one more thing in common with Arafat besides hating America. And he's just as succesful as Jimmy "the failure" Carter.