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Atlanta, GA

Comcast Sureprice

I am looking to sign up with the Comcast Triple Pack (voice + video + internet) in Atlanta and am trying to understand why anyone would sign up for the Sureprice option.

Without sureprice, it's $99.99/month for the first year, and then $129.99/month after that. With sureprice, it's $114.99 per month for the first year, and then $124.99 per month after that.

My math suggests that Comcast wants me to pay a ~$180 premium in the first year to save $60.00 in the second year. Is this some kind of new stupidity tax or am I missing something?


Atlanta, GA
LOL... called again and...

First rep said I get faster speeds (16m down v. 12m down), free install, and a price guarantee during the contract term (isn't that part of the definition of a contract?)

Second rep said I get free HD (no equipment and/or HD "service fees" --whatever that means) and a 2 year price guarantee; he didn't think Sureprice impacted internet speeds. This seems to be consistent with
Comcast.com which he directed me to for clarity. A $15.00 monthly premium for no HD fees sounds steep.

Another question: Does Comcast really raise rates on customers under contract if the subscriber doesn't have Sureprice? I tried to wade thru their EULA and it appears to have been written by a thousand drunken lawyers.

Man is this confusing. Guess I'll just bight the bullet and order the package with the longest discount unless someone has a better idea. I really don't need video, but I don't want to pay $60.00 for internet. These guys really have me over a barrel. Need the wireless guys to step up their game on mobile broadband so we can bring some sanity (and consumer friendliness) back to this marketplace.

Norwich, CT
reply to no_duopoly
If you don't want video just get limited basic which is barely any channels and only like 13 dollars a month(depending on your area) + it lowers your internet bill