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Everybody Lies

Franklin, TN
reply to SRFireside

Re: The thing is, if anyone can make it happen...

said by SRFireside:

Somebody has to pay for all that free content on the Internet. Did you think they were just doing it for their own entertainment? I swear some of you people don't get it. You can get free television over the airwaves, free radio stations, web pages you can view and enjoy for free and you complain when the reason it's free is because advertisers are paying for the space and time to hock their wares. What do you want? Content you have to pay yourself enough to keep the enterprise running or content you don't have to pay for but will have to put up with some ads?
And somebody did for years before advertisements hit the web. The problem is that everyone uses advertisements as an excuse for anything on the web. There are other business models to keep a website up and running besides virus infected Viagra ads; flashing, rolling, jump in your face ads.

The Internet got along just fine years before ads were the next big thing. Ads are of themself a snake oil that fools everyone into thinking a website will make millions from advertising or can only be supported by ads. It's a self-serving yet self-defeating process.
Fight Insight Ready (Was NebuAD) and the like:
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Jason Levine
Not every ad is virus infected or annoying. IMO, Google Ads does it right, simple text ads related to the content of the page (at least as closely as they can match it).
-Jason Levine
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San Francisco, CA

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reply to knightmb
Yeah, who says you have a *right* to exploit a service for profit. Oh yeah, the conservatives say so.


Belvedere Tiburon, CA
said by SLD:

Yeah, who says you have a *right* to exploit a service for profit. Oh yeah, the conservatives say so.

No "right" to extract a profit from the service I provide? Fine. I provide no service. What improvement is that?
VoIP--the death knell of remaining voice monopolies!